Arsha Consulting Sourcing Services

Arsha Consulting provides international business expansion advisory services and is a part of the Canadian TBC-World Group, present in India since 2006. Visit our website to know more about Arsha Consulting.

The Sourcing Division of Arsha Consulting has specialized expertise in the four sectors of Safety, Security, Medical and Biohazard Equipment manufactured in India. We have built a network of experts, manufacturers, associations, certifying agencies and trade show partners which enables us to ensure that our clients’ sourcing needs are met efficiently while respecting cost, quality and delivery deadlines.

Arsha’s Sourcing Division is more than just your sourcing partner in India – we make your task much simpler by guaranteeing the quality of manufacturers that we recommend. We analyse your requirements, handpick the relevant suppliers from our certified and pre-qualified list of manufacturers — whose products are all “Made in India”, coordinate with them on-site to meet your delivery deadlines and ensure that international standards and certification criteria are met. Our sourcing and logistics experts can guide you through every step of the buying process. Our team members are perfectly bilingual – we speak French and English (and additionally, over 5 Indian languages) – making cross-cultural communication easy and effortless.

Services that we offer

  • Analysis of your sourcing needs
  • Choosing the right supplier from our list of pre-qualified manufacturers
  • Procure and send you samples of products (*depends on product type)
  • Coordination with the manufacturer
  • Logistics assistance through our partners
  • Quality and Certification Check through our partners
  • Support and follow-up services