Our insight into the Indian Biohazard Industry

The biohazard equipment industry in India is still very nascent, with only a few players manufacturing however a quite large variety of products.

Like everywhere, the term biohazard is used in India to describe biological material that could be a health risk to humans, animals or the environment. The biohazard equipment is also synonymous in South-Asia with waste management equipment in the medical industry.

The biohazard equipment manufactured in India has, most of the time, international certifications and is competitive in the global market, both in terms of price and quality.

The Arsha Consulting team has made an in-depth research and visited a series of manufacturers all over India to select a few vendors that meet our criteria of quality and reliability. These companies are manufacturing in India biohazard equipment ranging from nitrile gloves and masks to disinfection products and machines, and from biohazard bags that are used to collect contaminated waste, syringe destroyers, autoclaves and body bags.

Contact us if you are interested in buying biohazard equipment from India. One of our consultants will analyze your requirements and identify if one of our manufacturers can respond to your needs.