Our insight into the Indian Safety Industry

The Personal Protection Equipment and Safety industry is still a very small and niche industry in India, but growing rapidly. According to research firm Technavio, the personal protective equipment (PPE) market in India will grow steadily during the next four years. The market is expected to grow at 13%  to attain $516 million in 2020.

The Indian government’s encouragement to “Make in India” as well as safety regulations that are now being enforced in companies to ensure the safety of their employees have generated an increased demand for safety products.

The Safety sector in India can roughly be divided into two categories: the organized sector – which comprises of about 60% of total sales made — and the unorganized sector, which makes up the remaining 40%.

The organized sector includes big and reputed players, along with many smaller, family-owned companies. Big European and American companies have also set up operations in India and can be included in this sector.

The unorganized sector includes small companies that produce many uncertified products that may not always meet international norms.

According to the research conducted by Arsha Consulting, both Indian and foreign players manufacture as well as import products. Buyers therefore need to be vigilant about the origin of the equipment.

The relatively cheaper cost of labour and production keeps prices competitive, even if specialized raw material needed for certain products is imported.

The advantages offered by Indian manufacturers of safety products are the following:

  • Low minimum order quantity at competitive prices
  • Rapid fulfilment of urgent orders, especially for smaller quantities
  • Quality products in niche categories (like leather products) for which the raw material comes from India itself

The Arsha Consulting team has conducted factory visits and examined the quality of various products to pre-select manufacturers who can meet expectations of European and American buyers. Since we are also a member of both the Asian Professional Security Association (APSA) and the Safety Appliances Manufacturers’ Association (SAMA), we have access to a wide network of manufacturers across India.

Contact us to check whether our pre-qualified manufacturers can fulfil your sourcing needs for safety and personal protection equipment.