Our insight into the Indian Security Industry

In recent years, India has faced both internal and external security threats, and the security industry has developed fast due to demand for specialized products.

The Indian Security Industry includes a wide variety of products and offers also surveillance equipment (CCTV cameras, access control systems) and electronic security systems. However, Arsha Consulting sources only the following products:

  • Bullet-proof and riot control equipment and vehicles
  • Security uniforms/ work-wear and security shoes
  • Metal detectors
  • Road blockers, tyre killers and under-vehicle scanning systems

Like the safety industry, this too is a fairly unorganized sector, and a large part of the market is import-driven. However, there are a few Indian firms that specialize in manufacturing high-quality security equipment and offer a very competitive price and quality as compared to competitors, including China.

The other main advantage offered by sourcing in India is the low minimum order quantity and the possibility to customize products according to specifications.

The companies that we have met and pre-qualified are currently exporting to the armed forces as well as private security firms in many countries, including Israel, Afghanistan, Middle-East and African countries.

Following in-depth research and surveys, Arsha Consulting has selected a few, qualified Indian manufacturers of different products, whose certification and quality processes meet international standards.

Arsha is also in contact with independent, third-party certification agencies which can confirm the quality of products of Indian origin.

Contact us to see whether our pre-selected manufacturers can offer you a competitive quote for your security equipment requirements.