Quality and certifications

The main difficulty in sourcing equipment in India is that there are certified, non-certified, high and low quality products all available in the market. This market lacks transparency and the origin of products is often uncertain. As a buyer from abroad, you probably do not have the time and resources to do a comprehensive quality check and therefore avoid buying in India for these reasons.

However, you also lose out on the competitive advantage of cost and quality that the few reliable and certified manufacturers can provide.

To make your task simpler, Arsha has pre-qualified manufacturers based on certain criteria, including their different certifications and their export destinations. Additionally, we have also visited personally the manufacturing units to ensure that environmental, employee safety and other standards are being respected.

We also work with Canadian and European certification and testing agencies to ensure that manufacturers in India adhere to the quality requirements. Some of these firms include:

SATRA : A UK-based independent research and testing organization

CSA Group : A Canadian-based independent development, testing and certification association.

With these firms and laboratories, we can spot-check a container, validate a quality process, put in place a recurring audit program on site on your behalf, and even certify a product according to your national standards.

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